Pelham Planning Associates




We aim to provide a high quality, bespoke planning consultancy service to:

Secure certainty in an increasingly complex process

Minimise the cost of planning obligations and associated costs through negotiation

Deliver innovative solutions to meet the client's needs

Meet timescales throughout the process

Assess projects and to formulate and implement planning strategies which protect the clients objectives

The consultancy has experience in planning applications, listed building applications, conservation area applications, planning appeals, public inquiries, planning enforcement, planning enforcement appeals and inquiries in the following service sectors:
Agriculture; Business; Community planning; Conservation; Countryside & Environment; Design; Health planning; Housing; Industrial; Legal; Minerals & Waste; Negotiation & Dispute Resolution; Research; Retail; Strategic planning; Tourism & Leisure

Planning Applications

The practice specialises in the submission of planning applications, listed building applications and applications for conservation area consent.
We work with a range of disciplines across the built environment industry to ensure a bespoke solution your development needs. These include architects, surveyors, ecologists, engineers, transport planners, highway engineers, solicitors and barristers.

We seek to avoid planning appeals through the pre-application advice service and through the provision of accurate planning, design, access and heritage statements.

We also represent objectors to planning applications and have successfully represented companies, private individuals, residents associations and local groups at both the planning application and planning appeal stages.

Planning Advice

We will review the circumstances of each case and undertake research in order to assess whether planning permission will be forthcoming. This will include highlighting the strengths and weaknesses and balancing the proposals against current policy circumstances.

This will normally involve:

A planning history search

Review of planning policy
Pre-application consultation with the Local planning Authority
Community consultation
Feasibility reports highlighting the issues

Planning Appeals and Planning Inquiries

Where developments are refused permission we will take proposals to appeal by way of written representations, informal hearings and public inquiry. We have extensive experience of all three methods of appeal and will engage legal advice and instruct counsel when necessary.

Planning Enforcement and Lawful Development

Where developments have taken place without the required permissions we will assist with the regularisation of such proposals and both the planning application and planning appeal stages. We will seek to negotiate with Local planning Authorities and try to ensure that enforcement and/stop notices are not served. We will also assess whether there has been a breach of planning control in order to prevent the unnecessary service of enforcement notices.

We will apply for lawful development certificates to determine whether the proposal requires planning permission or is immune from enforcement action.
The provision of legal advice and the instruction of counsel can assist in these matters.

Local Planning Authority Services

We provide a consultancy service to Local planning Authorities and can assist with the determination of planning applications and representation at planning appeals.

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